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Broken Capillaries and Rosacea

Húðfegrun offers a laser treatment to get rid of broken capillaries in the facial area, on the chest and on the legs. A laser treatment that gives good results on rosacea and red spots is also available.
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The treatment is carried out with a laser beam that heats the underlying capillary without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. Subsequently the capillary/rosacea decreases gradually.

Number of treatments: Commonly it takes 4-6 treatments to get rid of broken capillaries in the facial area and a minimum of 6 treatments to get rid of broken capillaries on legs. When treating rosacea, 6-10 treatments are commonly needed to see good results. A month should pass between treatments.

After treatment: Heat and swelling can be felt in the treatment area immediately after treatment and can last from 1-2 days and up to a week, depending on the treatment area. In some cases blisters, wounds and scab may form after treatment. It is a completely normal reaction, but it is important to let the scab heal fully for optimal results. It is recommended to apply a healing lotion on the treatment area for a few days afterwards and follow strict hygienic measures to prevent infections. Use of support pants for at least a week after treatment is also recommended on broken capillaries on legs.

For optimal results after treatment on broken capillaries on legs the following is recommended:

·       Wear socks/tights with good support for at least one week.

·       Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.

·       Avoid letting the legs hang down if possible.

·       Avoid crossing the legs.

·       Skip physical exercise for 3 days.

After treatment:

·       Apply a healing lotion on the treatment area twice a day for one week.

·       Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least one week.

·       Avoid going to the swimming pool for 1-2 days, depending on the treatment form.

·       Use sunscreen (at least SPF 30) for at least one week.

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