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Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a safe and effective treatment that smoothenss the texture of the skin and evens skin tone. It also reduces wrinkles and lines, hydrates the skin and gives it a brighter complexion.
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The treatment is performed with acids and active substances from Neauvia Organic. The procedure is innovative and professional and solely intended for use in skin care clinics.

What makes the chemical peeling procedure from Neauvia Organic unique is the mixture of substances used. Acids enriched with growth factors help the skin get rid of dead skin cells. A mixture of active substances is applied on the skin afterwards to hydrate it and stimulate its renewal process.

The treatment can be adjusted to different skin needs and skin problems since it is possible to choose different combinations of acids and active substances depending on the purpose of the treatment. Chemical peeling can for example be used to slow down and rewind the aging process, reduce pigmentation, reduce acne and balance the oil production of the skin. It can also be used as a boost for dry and lifeless skin as well as to speed up the healing process after other skin treatments. The treatment is suitable for all skin types since it can be adjusted to sensitive skin.

Number of treatments: One treatment gives good results if the purpose is to stimulate and freshen up dull or tired looking skin. Commonly it takes 4-6 treatments at a 2-4 week interval, depending on skin type and intensity of the treatment, to achieve good results when dealing with skin problems. Results keep improving since every treatment allows the professional to adjust and fine-tune the mixture with regard to the needs of the client.

After treatment: Redness and swelling can be felt in the treatment area immediately after treatment and can last from 2-3 days and up to a week, depending on skin type and intensity of the treatment. In some cases the skin can feel dry and start peeling after treatment, but those are normal reactions to the treatment.

After treatment:

After treatment the following is recommended:

·       Apply a healing lotion on the treatment area twice a day for at least one week.

·       Avoid going to the swimming pool for 1-7 days afterwards, depending on skin type and intensity of the treatment.

·       Skip physical activities for 1-7 days afterwards, depending on skin type and intensity of the treatment.

·       Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least one week.

·       Use sunscreen (at least SPF 30) for at least one week.

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