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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal performed with a laser device is a revolutionary treatment aimed at removing tattoos and pigmentation caused by tattoos.
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The laser beam picks up the color of the tattoo and increases the heat in the colored skin cells enough to break down the color without damaging the skin or nearby tissue. With every treatment the tattoo/pigmentation fades more and more.

Number of treatments: Commonly it takes a minimum of 6-10 treatments to see good results, but it depends on the size of the tattoo, its location on the body, its color, type of ink used and how far into the dermis layer of the skin it reaches. It is recommended that a month should pass between treatments.

After treatment: Heat and swelling can be felt in the treatment area immediately after treatment and can last from 1-2 days and up to a week. In some cases blisters, wounds and scab may form after treatment. It is a completely normal reaction, but it is important to let the scab heal fully for optimal results. It is recommended to apply a healing lotion on the treatment area for a few days afterwards and to follow strict hygienic measures to prevent infections.

After treatment:

·       Apply a healing lotion on the treatment area twice a day for one week.

·       Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least one week.

·       Avoid going to the swimming pool for 1-7 days, depending on the treatment form.

·       Use sunscreen (at least SPF 30) for at least one week.

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